Damask Rose

When we talk about damask rose and rose water, a popular product extracted from its petals, the stories of a great empress revive with it. She apparently took bath in rose petal on a daily basis and washed her face. Although the damask rose itself was strained during the ruling of the last emperors of new persia- Sasans; we cannot stop thinking of the empress clad in legends, that reached the heart of Caesar himself. Although not even the daily use of this healing essence with antidepressive effects didn’t manage to protect her from suicidal thoughts, there are many reasons to assume that the rose water kept her skin radiant, and in this way she gets the title of the most beautiful women of all times.

Persians at that time tamed the unique natural miracle of which the fragrance and taste pampered your senses for two thousand years. We would like to keep this ancient tradition and continue with spreading its extraordinary effects for mind, skin over the whole body with some of our products.

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