Fruity Aromas

The sweetness behind your glittery smile can be found thanks to a basket full of fruits. A huge amount of vitamins circulate in our body to help nourish our skin. That is our world and the world of our clients. If you are clueless and don't know how to sweeten your body, then this section of Tuli a Tuli is just for you. You’ll find a range of products for daily including natural shower gels, shampoos and lip balms.

These products are developed for maximum smoothness and gentleness, that will be appreciated even by the most sensitive skin. Fruit fragrances come from fruit extracts, so they are very suitable for daily use by atopic and allergic people. Fruit extracts when compared with essential oils are not irritable even for use in higher concentrations. In addition to that the sweet fragrance is adored by children too. Our shower gel and shampoo Wild Strawberries have been dermatologically tested to be used for children from birth.

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