The desirability and richness of this precious essence spread into the world during discovery voyages on the seas. As the name already tells us- this essential oil comes from sunny Italy, where in the 17th century a Princess Anne-Marie de la Tremoille from Neroli city, introduced this fragrance to the world.
Bitter Orange Neroli originated in China, where this essence is used in medicine, cosmetics, but also weddings, for many, many years. Its fruits are not edible for its strong bitterness, however it's unbelievably rich fragrance got this essence recognised in the whole of Eurasia from there in the 10th century to Mediterranean region by Arabs.

The Neroli essential oil we offer is produced by Steam distillation that when  compared to enfleurage is financially much more accessible with almost no differences in quality.
This essential oil is added into our facial cream and is suitable for all skin types. It supports regeneration of new cells and improves elasticity, so that it also prevents skin from ageing. This cream soothes sensitive skin and is capable of reducing cracked venula and healing acne. Due to its noble fragrance we have also decided to use it to enrich our natural shower gels.

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