Sweating is a natural part of our biological processes, and by sweating, our bodies clean out harmful substances. Even though it is a natural body mechanism, we don’t like sweating and try to prevent it. However, as there is no effective natural method to prevent sweating, antiperspirants with aluminum-containing substances have been developed to inhibit sweaty odors locally. The consequences of long-term use of antiperspirants may be to affect the functioning of sweat glands and cause skin problems.

We at Tuli a Tuli know that sweating is natural, and the way to cope with it is to effectively counteract sweaty odors and refresh the skin. Therefore, in this section you will find one of our most successful products - natural citrus - lavender deodorant. It contains a sweet touch of citrus fruit, soothing lavender and coconut oil that refresh your body throughout the whole day.

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