Lip balms

During the creation of our healthy products, we kept in mind an ancient symbol of sensuality- your lips. A closer look at them is always telling of feelings and physical health. Only bright lips, full of life, should be gladly exposed to the world around us. We went further than just moisturising and hydrating your lips. Display full description

We created a remedy for healing wounds, getting  rid of unpleasant bacteria or herpes, that are all ready to harm your lips. Our lip balms will enrich lip structure with vitamins and minerals.

Natural lip balms from Tuli A Tuli are extremely high quality as we use the very best quality products for its creation. The main ingredients are Organic Beeswax , Organic Coconut oil and virgin Almond oil. And to prove we are serious about using nature ingredients, we only add essential oils such as Cinnamon, Tangerine, Coffee, Lavender and Mint, but also pure fruit extracts of Strawberry and Cherry.