Hair care

We at Tuli a Tuli have manufactured pure natural shampoos for you in order to enjoy a fragrant and rich foaming experience.  Tuli a Tuli shampoos are simply suited for each hair and skin type.

Besides that, our shampoos have been enriched with panthenol (provitamin B5) that directly affects hair growth. Phytokeratin (keratin) which is one of the basic hair building components is also part of the composition. Our shampoos not only wash, but also treat and regenerate dry, brittle and damaged hair. Their use makes the hair look shinier, glossier and restores its elasticity.

In addition to our shampoos, hair oil Tuli a Tuli, which is 100% virgin cold-pressed macadamia oil, is also very popular. It has a high absorb-ability and therefore does not leave the hair greasy but nourished with vitamins A, B and E, unsaturated fatty acids, selenium, zinc and natural protective factors 3 to 4.

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