Makeup remover

Removing makeup is a daily routine for almost every woman. It is the basis of skin care for healthy and fresh skin, that is why we have picked the best of nature for your skin's beauty and health.

The most important part of healthy skin care is the right makeup Remover. The team behind Tuli a Tuli have taken their time to develop the perfect product made with 100% natural ingredients. The highest quality rose water from Rose Valley in Bulgaria, together with Organic sunflower oil and Virgin jojoba oil, create an emulsion that effectively removes makeup and is suitable for skin types- including sensitive and acne prone skin; and at the same time hydrates the skin.

Tuli a Tuli are dedicated to promoting an ecological lifestyle, and so we have added reusable makeup removing cotton pads to our range of products. Made from 100% cotton, our makeup remover pads are ideal for daily use, and can be washed and used again.

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