What to do with dry skin

  • 13.09.2018

Our body is protected from external influences by the skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. Moreover, it is the entrance gate of the whole body. It regulates the supply and excretion of large amounts of substances in the body and its proper functioning is ensured if its surface layer contains sufficient water. Otherwise, the skin is dried, which affects a number of factors. The role is played by an inadequate drinking regime, hectic lifestyle, staying in air-conditioned rooms, excessive sunbathing, as well as cosmetics whose inadequate composition and application can dry the top layer of the skin. To overcome this, you should pay extra attention to proper skin hydration, which begins with basic hygiene.

Our shower and bath tips
Shower in the morning and in the evening, on a hot tub on Sunday. Basic hygiene has forced us to develop shower gels and shampoos, which are the basic equipment of our bathroom. Therefore, in the formulas of our products, we also think of the moisturizing ingredients in addition to cleaning agents. Our shower gels and shampoos are enriched with vegetable glycerin and natural essential oils that have a positive effect on the moisturizing process. In the evening we recommend an orange flower Neroli, after active sports Camphor, for children Wild strawberry or Pear.

What to use after showering or bathing?

The next step towards a pleasant and supple skin starts right after the shower, when it comes to the application of body milk or butter. Thanks to their positive effects, our skin not only moisturizes, but also gets healthy nutrients into the body.
In order for this procedure not only to be pleasant but also useful, there are a number of recommendations on which to achieve the desired effect.

  • Body lotion or body butter is best applied to the cleansed skin, ideally immediately after the shower.
  • The skin should be warm and slightly wet, so it is advisable to moisturize it after a warm shower.
  • If the skin gets cold, it will help warm it up with a warm wet towel. Then the pores will be sufficiently opened and ready to receive the moisturizer.
  • The water should not be too hot, as the skin is hypersensitive and irritated
  • After evening shower, we recommend Natural Body Butter Cocoa-Coconut. After a morning shower, Natural Body Lotion Lavender is perfectly suited.
  • On very dry parts such as elbows, heel, and shin skin is Natural Almond Butter an excellent helper.

How about very dry skin of children?

  • Let's start from bathing. If the skin is very dry, we recommend "Matthew Bubble – Natural baby bath oil emulsion". Excellently soothes the skin during bathing.
  • After drying the skin, the whole-body "Matthew Bubble - Natural baby oil after Bath" is suitable. The skin remains fragrant, supple and perfectly moisturized. For the smallest, it is the diaper rash protection that is obviously extremly important. Even here we have been looking to select raw materials suitable for children since birth. "Matthew Bubble – Natural diaper rash Baby Oil" is the right choice of a healthy cream against diaper rash. If you take into account what's going on in the body through the skin and the mucous membrane, you should know that the raw materials in the line Matthew Bubble are edible and therefore perfectly suitable for use for children.
  • If skin eczema or seborrheic dermatitis or other food allergies occur, we recommend the use of argan oil.

What about the skin?

If we took care of the whole body, we get to the most sensitive part of human skin, and that's the face. Besides other parts of the body, the face is almost constantly exposed and thus most tested by external influences. The face is the mirror of the whole body care and we are glamourizing it with aesthetic cosmetics. It is also particularly sensitive to cleaning with water itself. One of the best methods for skin care is therefore oil treatment.

For additional softening of the skin and face, weather protection, antibacterial and antiparasitic protection, or removal of inflammation, we have developed a range of natural facial creams for you. Their composition is tailored to all skin types and you will definitely find your favorite among them. Try our new products, natural skin creams with essential oils of melissa and lavender. Their application is easier because of their unique composition. They contain a mixture of oils such as apricot kernel oil and cannabis oil, which are easy to absorb and can be applied to both dry and moist skin, both in the morning and in the evening before bedtime. Organic shea butter, which forms the basis of these creams, then creates a fine microfilm on the surface of the skin that prevents it from getting dirt inside.
If you use a make-up remover, try our natural make-up remover oil. Its main ingredients are organic coconut oil and rose water, which we sensitively blend with respect to the various skin quality. This oil, in addition to makeup, deeply cleanses the pores that are trapped by air, dust and bacteria, and removes their excess skin sebum and dead cells.

Moisturize and heal your lips

For a perfect skin feeling, it's good to have a natural lip balm. In the summer months, it provides protection against drying and UV radiation. In winter it protects the lips from wind, cold, and unhealthy viral diseases. Thanks to bee wax, lip balm is antiseptic and long lasting.


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