The Camphor tree remembers many things from this world. Camphor trees found in Japan, some regions of China or Taiwan, have been around for thousands of years. In traditional cultures, it was used for embalming the dead. But this tree is mostly known for its life giving properties. Our grandparents used camphor cream as usual muscle inflammation remedy. By applying the cream on  parts of your body you can not only reduce the pain, but also unpleasant sensations.

Camphor essential oil is made by steam distillation of the tree bark and wood. For decades there has been an unnatural version that is made of turpentine produced from pine trees. But in Tuli a Tuli we offer a healthier and more effective Camphor essential oil. It has benefits in medicine as it helps stimulation of nerve endings so you can get rid of pain and itching. Apart from that, its antibacterial and antimycotic effects should be familiar for people suffering from fungi feet.

Today this treasure of eastern Asia is hidden under shower gel and shampoo lids and we have also included it into our aromatherapy section. Thanks to this and many other essential oils healthier and younger skin is at your fingertips.  

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