Tropical tree Cocos nucifera used to be an exotic ingredient that was hard to find. Nowadays the benefits of modern times give us the privilege of obtaining several products from this generous gift of nature.

The producers of our natural cosmetics have chosen Coconut because of how effective it is at enriching the skin and body. Even though it was hard to resist it’s delicious fragrance, our standards are high and so we deliver high quality natural products.
Today we are happy with the results we have achieved in our products, which have received great ratings and have been proven suitable for daily use. The base of our shower gels is Coconut oil, into which we add reviving essences. Our lip balm Bee Coconut shines on hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied client’s lips. A favourite essential item in many ladies' bathrooms, is also our  makeup remover made with Coconut oil and rose water.

If we love the fragrance of something, we won’t stay still. We are continuously coming up with new ideas. Our hearts got captured by the first class quality and the uncountable benefits hidden in Coconut oil from Sri Lanka. That is why the fragrance of this amazing plant oil is present in our laboratory almost every day.  

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